AfriSam opens Lesotho’s first cement manufacturing plant

9 February 2017, Maseru – AfriSam, the leading supplier of construction materials in southern Africa, today commemorated the opening of Lesotho’s first cement manufacturing plant. 

AfriSam has been supplying the Lesotho nation with superior quality cement for over half a century. The company established a physical presence in Lesotho when it opened its distribution centre in Maseru in 1999. 

“For AfriSam the establishment of a cement manufacturing facility in Lesotho symbolises the positive relationship between AfriSam and the people of Lesotho.  We are proud that we can contribute in this manner towards the future economic development of the country”, says Stephan Olivier, Chief Executive Officer of AfriSam.

Situated at the company’s existing distribution centre in Maseru, AfriSam’s new cement manufacturing plant comprises a blending and packing facility and has an initial cement production capacity of 200 000 tons per annum. This production capacity can be increased according to the cement demand of Lesotho.

The design of the plant allows a number of products to be produced providing AfriSam’s customers in Lesotho with a total solutions offering to meet their cement and concrete requirements.

“AfriSam’s new plant will comfortably meet the local cement demand and will be capable of producing specialised products for large infrastructure projects such as the Lesotho Highlands Water Project”, says Olivier. “This will mean that Lesotho now has access to cement made in Lesotho for the Basotho nation”. 

Over and above the benefits derived from the products that will be produced, a cement plant can be a powerful factor in economic and social development.  “As far as possible, Lesotho citizens will be used for any requirements relating to the operation of the facility”, says Stephan Olivier, CEO of AfriSam.  “This includes for example, making use of local transport companies to transport the required raw material as well delivering products from our plant to customers. A new pallet repair facility is being established on site and outsourced to a local Lesotho start-up business.  We also plan to expand this operation in the near future, by adding a cement grinding plant to the current facility.  This will lead to further opportunities for the people of Lesotho”.

Over the years, AfriSam’s products have been used in a number of iconic buildings and infrastructure projects in Lesotho such as the Katse Dam, various roads, bridges, commercial buildings, hospitals and schools.

AfriSam’s relationship with Lesotho extends further than the enablement of infrastructure development. The company has also created countless possibilities through its investments in the sustainable upliftment of the Basotho nation. 

AfriSam has invested in various community upliftment initiatives over the years. AfriSam has built schools and amenities such ablution facilities and kitchens, donated lap desks to school children, supported children’s homes and orphanages and donated substantial quantities of bagged cement to organisations in need. 

“We are extremely proud of our association with the Kingdom of Lesotho and its people. We look forward to the part we, as AfriSam, can play in the continued growth and development of this beautiful mountain Kingdom”, concludes Olivier.

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