The Benefits of AfriSam’s C-Tech Composite Technology

Composite technology reduces the carbon-intensive Portland clinker content of cement ensuring that cement treads more lightly on the environment.  Its mineral components carry significantly less embodied carbon than clinker, effectively reducing the carbon footprint associated with cement production.

Through this process, cement maker, AfriSam, is able to conserve the natural resources such as limestone.  The use of composite technology (C-tech) minerals in manufacturing of composite cements makes constructive use of by-products from other industries, reducing the need to landfill these minerals.

Introducing the engineered mineral components in increased proportions to cement clinker presents customers with enhanced functional performance qualities.  The less water required to reach the desired consistency and workability, the better.  This is because less water promotes higher concrete strength levels.  The lower water demand of C-tech cements is a result of the additional mineral components employed and the use of carefully selected chemical admixtures.

Another superior attribute of these cements is their reduced heat of hydration.  C- tech cements typically generate heat over a longer period of time, substantially lowering thermal gradients and reducing the likelihood of cracking.

The use of fly-ash results in a dense concrete matrix that prevents deleterious materials such as aggressive chemicals and sulphate-containing liquids from entering the concrete. This resistance to ingress of deleterious elements gives the composite cements their corrosion-resistance properties.

The finer particles in GGBFS, fly-ash and limestone afford composite cements reduced permeability properties.  This resistance to water and sulphate penetration from refined pore structure helps protect the concrete from attack, preventing deterioration.

C-tech cements also contain mineral components that produce superior long-term strengths compared to pure cements, where strength-gain typically flattens out from 28 days onward.

“C-tech products are the result of an ongoing development process that began in 2000 and is still moving forward, beyond conventional boundaries,” explains Mike McDonald manager of AfriSam’s Centre of Product Excellence. “The mineral components in these cements have been engineered to make the resultant composite cement superior to pure cement.  These attributes provide our customers with guaranteed quality performance.”

Source : Ornico 1/09/2014

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