AfriSam-SAIA Award

In addition to taking responsibility for our own actions, AfriSam plays a leading role in creating awareness and establishing open debate about sustainability within the broader context of our industry. One of the platforms AfriSam uses to influence other role players is the AfriSam-SAIA Awards for Sustainable Architecture + Innovation which we established in 2009 together with our partner, the South African Institute of Architects.

Since 2009, the awards have grown into South Africa’s most prestigious sustainability awards, drawing an exciting range of entries, honouring outstanding achievements in sustainable architecture and creating public awareness and debate on sustainability in the built environment.

The awards comprise four categories namely Sustainable Architecture, Research in Sustainability, Sustainable Products and Technology and Sustainable Social Programmes which recognise contributions that bring sustainable innovation to human living environments through an integrated approach to communities, planning, design, architecture, building practice, natural systems and technology.

The awarded projects and programmes make a positive contribution to communities and reduce environmental impacts through strategies such as the reuse of existing structures, connection to transit systems, low-impact and regenerative site development, energy and water conservation and the use of sustainable or renewable construction materials.

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