2024 Budget Breakdown

2024 is set to be a significant year for South Africa. It is against this backdrop that AfriSam hosted its 6th annual Budget Breakdown event.

At the event, renowned economist, Dr Azar Jammine unpacked the 2024 national budget and provided an outlook on the South African economy, the construction industry and infrastructure spend.

Political analyst and author, Dr Ralph Mathekga, gave his views on the 2024 election and South Africa’s political climate.

View the videos below for key insights from Richard Tomes, AfriSam Sales & Marketing Executive, Dr Azar Jammine and Dr Ralph Mathekga


Richard Tomes, AfriSam Sales & Marketing Executive

Dr Azar Jammine, Director & Chief Economist, Econometrix

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Dr Ralph Mathekga, Senior Expert, Geopolitical Intelligence Services; Political Analyst, Author

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