AfriSam’s Aggregate division can produce over 10 million tons of aggregate annually. Our aggregate products are manufactured to the highest technical specifications to meet multi-purpose application needs. This includes asphalt and road surfacing, concrete, base and sub-base material for road layering as well as speciality aggregates including ballast and gabion stone.

Road Stone

Asphalt is a mixture of inert mineral matter such as aggregate, mineral filler and a bituminous binder.

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Concrete Aggregate

This material covers a wide range of specifically graded products for use in all concrete applications.

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Road Layer Works Material

Base and sub-base materials provide the supporting structure in pavement design. This is made from the crushing of hard, sound and durable parent rock as well as partially weathered material.

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Speciality Aggregate

Used in the production of the surface layer of road construction, surfacing aggregates are usually applied by chip spreaders.

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