AfriSam cement products are the result of years of thorough research and development by a dedicated team of cement technicians. The performance of our cement products are constantly monitored to maintain quality and strength in compliance to the requirements of SANS 50197.

In addition to ISO 9001 certification of all manufacturing and blending operations, all AfriSam cement products has the SABS mark, and is subject to ongoing sampling, testing and monitoring to rigorous standards. Both quality control and quality assurance systems are in place.

Our Cement Product Range

All Purpose Cement

AfriSam’s 42,5N superior quality flagship product can be used in a variety of fit-for-purpose applications.

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High Strength Cement

AfriSam High Strength Cement has been specially designed for applications where early strength is required.

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Rapid Hard Cement

Fast track construction and precast concrete have resulted in more demand for very high early-strength specialist products. AfriSam's Rapid Hard Cement is an early-strength specialist cement which offers consistent, superior performance in all applications where quick mould turn-around or formwork stripping times are required.

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Roadstab Cement

Ideal for road construction, Roadstab Cement is a specially-formulated composite cement that works across a range of road materials whilst ensuring superb stability.  Its setting times make it ideal for applications that require a longer time to place and compact the material.

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