Eco Building Cement

A masterpiece of cement engineering, this building product is the most environmentally-friendly cement available and the result of careful research and development by our dedicated technical team.

Eco Building Cement is a unique combination of Portland cement and mineral components. This product embodies our passion for the environment and the desire to lower our carbon footprint. It is also a part of our company-wide drive towards a sustainable life for future generations and reflects our belief in ‘Planet’ as one of our core values that drive our business.

Architects, engineers and home builders alike love this high quality, high performance, durable eco-friendly cement.

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Features & Benefits

This cement offers guaranteed high-performance and reactive mineral components with excellent cementitious properties.

It has a low carbon footprint, almost half that of Ordinary Portland Cement.

It allows for a smooth, defect-free finish for concrete, masonry and plaster work.

It maintains strength and stability for years.

It creates durable concrete and is suitable for aggressive conditions.

It is perfect for reducing the heat of hydration in mass concrete.

It improves concrete’s resistance to chemical attack.

It makes concrete highly resistant to alkali-aggregate reaction and is suitable for reducing the permeability of concrete in water-retaining structures.

It offers high workability which makes it easy to work with.

It produces consistently excellent results.

For your convenience, all our products are supported by a highly skilled sales support, technical service and supply infrastructure. If you need any technical assistance dial 011 670 5500 and select the Product Technical Support option.


AfriSam Eco Building Cement is the top choice for builders, architects, engineers, contractors and DIY enthusiasts due to its consistent quality, versatility and proven strength.

It can be used in all your structural, building and masonry applications:

  • Brick and block making
  • Reservoirs and swimming pools
  • Precast operations
  • Road stabilisation
  • Mining applications
  • Structural concrete
  • Plaster and mortar
  • Shotcrete

'How-to' Guide

Choose a suitable Eco Building Cement strength for your specific use, and discover how to mix it, using our guide.  

Low Strength Concrete

For low strength 10-15 MPa (nominal at 28 days), this concrete mix is suitable for unreinforced foundations for single-storey houses and free-standing walls.

Mixing Table Guide

Medium-Strength Concrete

For medium strength 15-25 MPa (nominal at 28 days), this concrete mix is suitable for reinforced foundations and slabs, light-duty house floors, paths, patios, steps, driveways and garage floors.

Mixing Table Guide

High-Strength Concrete

For 25-30 MPa (nominal at 28 days), this concrete mix is suitable for suspended structural beams and slabs; as well as precast items such as flagstones and heavy-duty surfaces such as workshop floors.

Mixing Table Guide

Ultra High-Strength Concrete

For 45 MPa, this concrete mix is suitable for suspended structural beams and slabs, columns, and water retaining structures.

Mixing Table Guide