AfriSam has Readymix plants in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape. Customers are able to maintain a competitive edge in the construction marketplace by making use of AfriSam’s expertise in choosing and proportioning suitable and compliant raw materials, computerised weigh-batching, concrete pumping services, technical backup and quality assurance.

AfriSam’s fleet of mixer trucks and pumps ensures that concrete is delivered, discharged and placed on-site, on time and as close to its final position as humanly possible.

Our highly skilled Product Technical team is available for on-site technical advice for matters relating to concrete technology, optimisation of mixes, research and development.

Our Readymix product range


A general-application low-cost concrete solution.

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Application brands

  • Foundation mix
  • Suspended slab mix
  • Surface bed mix
  • Column mix
  • Post-tension mix
  • Retainer mix

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Speciality brands

  • Flowcrete
  • Poolmix
  • Trenchcrete
  • Hydrafil

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Customised mixes

Concrete mixes designed in collaboration with our customers to meet their specific requirements.

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