Specialty Brands


A specially modified, highly workable, cohesive readymix concrete suitable for specific placement and performance needs, Flowcrete offers you more flexibility in both design and construction. The raw materials and registered admixtures in this concrete enhance fluidity without the segregation normally found in highly fluid mixes.

Features and Benefits


The enhanced fluidity without segregation makes Flowcrete ideal for:

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A semi-dry concrete specifically designed for hand-packing pools and ideal for complex shaping such as water features and drainage channels.

Features and Benefits


Poolmix is ideal for constructing:


A highly workable blend of fine aggregate, water, cement and an air entraining agent, Trenchcrete is an efficient and cost-effective trench and void filling material. It can be used as an economical alternative to placing and compacting soil or granular material.

Trenchcrete is virtually self-compacting and can be used primarily for applications requiring a highly fluid mixture for thin, irregular sections and pipe filling where early strength is not necessary.

Features and Benefits


Hydrafil is a workable, highly stable backfill material mainly used for regular trenches and larger voids where early trafficking is essential.

Features and Benefits

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