Corporate Social Responsibility

Our cement, aggregate and readymix concrete construction materials have been contributing significantly to infrastructure development in Africa over the last 80 years. Our values of 'People, Planet, Performance' represent our commitment and responsibility towards you, our customers, communities and the environment. At AfriSam, we believe in understanding the needs of communities in areas where we do business so that we are able to make meaningful contributions to their upliftment. We see this as a chance to improve the quality of life of our employees, their families and the communities around our operations. We focus on areas that can make a difference to all of us. These include:

Our aim is to empower communities with the skills and infrastructure that they can use to become self-reliant and, in the process, reduce poverty.

Education Projects

Due to the serious skills shortage in our country, we feel that it is important that we invest in education. Our aim is to empower people with skills that they can use to become self-reliant and, in the process, reduce poverty.

We believe that skills development addresses unemployment and promotes development.

Conservation Projects

Conservation projects are important to us and our stakeholders and link to our value of 'Planet'. We are passionate about our environment and work hard towards making a positive impact in this sphere.

We dedicate significant time and resources towards research on improving our products and work with industry bodies and communities towards such causes.

Legacy Projects and Crisis Opportunities

As proud citizens, we also work on projects that link to government national programmes and aim to address past challenges. Where special needs are spotted, we take the opportunity to give assistance.

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