Conserving the earth for future generations has always been part of AfriSam’s DNA and is underpinned by our core company value of ‘planet’. To this effect, AfriSam was the first cement manufacturer in southern Africa to publish an Environmental Policy in 1996.

Actions always speak louder than words and, over the years, AfriSam has demonstrated its commitment to sustainability through significant investment in research and development of processes and technology to ensure that we are able to produce environmentally responsible products. We have set the standard in terms of sustainable business practices and are considered the ‘green’ leader in our industry.

We published our first environmental policy in 1994, based on the 16 principles of the International Chamber of Commerce’s “Business Charter for Sustainable Development”. We review and update this policy regularly and commit ourselves to its principles.

We have undertaken initiatives in the areas of energy optimisation and emission reduction, where we are recognised as leaders; rehabilitating our old mining sites to a self-sustaining state; optimally using resources and reducing our carbon footprint. So far, we have made significant achievements in our drive towards sustainability. Amongst others, we:

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