Ima Nathi

AfriSam is the proud sponsor of the first Ima Nathi Soccer Development Programme in partnership with the South African Football Association (SAFA) and the Ditsobotla Local Football Association (DILFA).

One of AfriSam’s corporate social responsibility focus areas is youth development. We are excited to join hands with the local community to create a future of possibilities for our youth and what better way to achieve this than through the passionate sport of football. 

With AfriSam’s Dudfield cement plant operating in the same community as the DILFA, it was a natural choice for AfriSam to provide its support to this specific LFA. 

AfriSam’s 3-year sponsorship makes provision for the following critical aspects as part of the Ima Nathi programme:

a)    Coaches: all costs associated with the upskilling of coaches including the various courses to obtain B, C and D-level licences, coaching course educational material and on-field equipment. The programme allows for the training of 140 DILFA coaches per year for the next three years. Skilled coaches will mean better skilled players, which in turn will create bigger opportunities for the DILFA players.

b)    Players: In addition to obtaining technical football knowledge and skills, all players in the DILFA will undergo a valuable life-skills programme.

c)    Kit: sponsorship of all DILFA football player jerseys.

The AfriSam Ima Nathi programme will provide coaches from the DILFA with the necessary skills and knowledge to train local football teams. These coaches will in turn train the area’s young, aspirant footballers; keeping them off the streets. While training, players will learn invaluable skills such as leadership, hard work, self-discipline and social skills.

We look forward to the many future national football team players that will come from the Ditsobotla Local Football Association. In the spirit of Ima Nathi we say: stand with us, play your part or get involved.  

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