Corporate Social Responsibility

“Building and supporting sustainable communities for a positive African future”

At AfriSam, we believe in understanding the needs of communities in areas where we do business so, that we are able to make meaningful contributions to their upliftment.

Our values of ‘People, Planet and Performance’ represent our commitment and responsibility towards you, our customers, communities and the environment. We target a portion of our profits to contribute to impactful socio economic development initiatives in the communities where we operate. We see this as a chance to improve the quality of life of our employees, their families and the communities around our operations and to create a lasting legacy for future generations. We focus on areas that can make a difference to our business and the community. These include:

  • Educational projects including Early Childhood Development (ECD), Maths and Science programmes, technology-enabled learning and educational support for people with disabilities.
  • Health and wellbeing including Covid-19 and drastic crisis response programmes, Community outdoor spaces and fitness facilities.
  • Development and training of small black women and youth owned businesses with a potential to contribute positively to AfriSam’s supply chain and the wider industry.
  • Beneficiaries for development and training initiatives are selected from host communities (we focus on areas surrounding AfriSam operations)

Education Projects

Addressing educational needs remains one of Africa’s largest challenges. Access to education creates a path out of poverty as it opens doors to better economic prospects. In our view, investing in education is crucially linked to the development of future skills for the company and the resilience of the communities in which we operate.

The implementation of education programmes takes place across the spectrum of the education journey, including Early Childhood Development (ECD), Primary, Secondary and Tertiary education. We will endeavour to support schools with technology and other materials necessary to support continued learning during school closures.

Health and well-being

We believe that we can assist our communities in dealing with continuing consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic by partnering with non-profit organisations to provide Covid-19 relief services including nutritional support and Personal Protective/ Hygiene Equipment. Providing functional outdoor spaces will encourage and provide the opportunity for people to spend more time outside thereby improving both mental and physical health in our communities.

SMME Development

Supporting small businesses increases employment opportunities and financial resilience in the communities where we operate. We conduct Enterprise Development training sessions which focus on the most important aspects of running a business (finance, accounting, marketing, legal compliance, HR, etc.) to boost the skills capacity of SMMEs. These SMMEs, in turn, contribute positively to the supply chain of AfriSam and economic activities in the communities at large.

Conservation Projects

Conservation projects are important to us and our stakeholders and link to our value of ‘Planet’. We are passionate about our environment and work hard towards making a positive impact in this sphere.

We dedicate significant time and resources towards research on improving our products, reducing our carbon footprint, and work with industry bodies and communities towards such causes. The ultimate goal for which we passionately strive for, is to leave a self-sustaining landform behind for future generations.

Legacy Projects and Crisis Opportunities

As proud citizens, we also work on projects that link to government national programmes and aim to address past challenges. Where special needs are identified, we take the opportunity to provide assistance.

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