Road Stone

Our high quality aggregate is used in asphalt pavements and road surfacing.

Types of Asphalt

Continuously Graded Asphalts

These are mechanically mixed asphalts in which the aggregates and the filler are distributed in size from coarse to fine fractions within a specific smooth grading envelope.

  • Large Aggregate Mixes for Bases and Surfaces (LAMBS).
  • Asphalt Continuously Graded Medium (ACGM).
  • Asphalt Continuously Graded Fine (ACGF).
  • Slurry Seal.

Gap Graded and Semi-gap Graded Asphalts

These are mechanically mixed asphalts from which some intermediate sizes are omitted to comply with a stepped grading envelope. These asphalt layers either contain a 19mm or 26mm maximum aggregate size.

Open Graded Asphalts (aggregate skeleton mixes)

These are mixes which normally require single-sized crushed aggregate. It is mechanically mixed asphalt constituted to give a rough surface texture in the compacted state. This type of layer is also used when ultra-thin pavement is laid using pavers.


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