Post Tension Mix

This Readymix concrete product achieves high early age strength-gain, finishing and workability. It’s ideal for all post tension applications or areas where early strength-gain is required.

Features and Benefits

  • The concrete is pumpable due to its high workability.
  • It can be easily placed.
  • It makes for easy compaction.
  • It is easily finished.
  • It can be power-floated.
  • It offers guaranteed early strength performance three days after casting.
  • It allows for more efficient use of labour as a result of easier placing, compacting and finishing.
  • It offers improved cohesion which results in better surface finishes.

How To Order

Follow the few simple steps below

  1. Choose the strength of your concrete.
  2. Calculate the amount of concrete in cubic metres:  L x W x H.
  3. Call 0860 141 141 and place your order at least 72 hours in advance.
  4. Pay by EFT or open an AfriSam account.
  5. Prepare the site for delivery.


Readymix Range


Starmix is a fit-for-purpose, cost effective concrete solution for the building industry. The beauty of Starmix is that you can place orders in small quantities, which makes it ideal for the residential builder.

Pump Mix

This Readymix concrete product achieves high strength gain and workability that is suitable for all applications where direct discharge from the mixer truck is not possible.

Surfacebed Mix

This Readymix concrete product achieves high strength-gain, finishing and workability making it suitable for slabs on the ground i.e. factories, shopping centres and parking areas.

Self Levelling Concrete

A specially modified, highly workable, cohesive readymix concrete suitable for specific placement and performance needs, it offers you more flexibility in both design and construction.


A semi-dry concrete specifically designed for hand-packing pools and ideal for complex shaping such as water features and drainage channels.


A highly workable blend of fine aggregate, water, cement and an air entraining agent, Trenchcrete is an efficient and cost-effective trench and void filling material.


Hydrafil is a workable, highly stable backfill material mainly used for regular trenches and larger voids where early trafficking is essential.

Customised Mixes

Customised concrete mixes are the result of close collaboration between our clients, their engineers and ourselves to create the right fit-for-purpose concrete to meet the specific requirement.

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