Starmix is a fit-for-purpose, cost effective concrete solution for the building industry. The beauty of Starmix is that you can place orders in small quantities, which makes it ideal for the residential builder.

Features and Benefits

  • Get convenient delivery of concrete at the time and place you specify.
  • Order the exact amount of Starmix you require, in quantities as small as 1m³.
  • Efficient use of your labour force.
  • Specify the strength you require.

How To Order

Follow the few simple steps below

  1. Choose the strength of your concrete.
  2. Calculate the amount of concrete in cubic metres:  L x W x H.
  3. Call 0860 141 141 and place your order at least 72 hours in advance.
  4. Pay by EFT or open an AfriSam account.
  5. Prepare the site for delivery.


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