Eco Readymix

AfriSam’s environmentally-friendly Eco Readymix range uses a blend of high performance cement and carbon neutral mineral components.

AfriSam is able to produce ultra-high performance Eco Readymix concretes with compressive strengths of above 70MPa.

These environmentally-friendly products can be ordered according to the strength requirement for specific applications. Despite their low carbon footprint, the performance of these products is similar to that of concrete made from pure cements.


Why Eco Readymix – Carbon Footprint Comparisons

The table below shows significant reductions in the carbon footprint of the AfriSam Eco Readymix range.

Comparison of different strength concretes and their Carbon footprint in kg/m³.

Overview Data
MPaCFTypical Industry ConcreteAfriSam Eco ReadymixReduction in Carbon Footprint
25 MPaCF (kg/m³)22712246%
30 MPaCF (kg/m³)22714149%
35 MPaCF (kg/m³)30915251%
AfriSam Eco Application Brands
StarmixMade for residential buildings, Starmix is suitable for a number of home applications.
Eco Raft Foundation MixLow carbon footprint and suitable for all types of raft foundations.
Normal Concrete MixSuitable for all types of concrete applications.
Eco Application Brands Slump and Available Strengths
Eco Raft Foundation Mix150mmxxx
Normal Concrete Mix75mm & 100mmxxxxxxx

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